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Course Description

This course will take you from beginner to expert when it comes to SELF HEALING! This includes many videos sectioned off into many modules so you will know exactly which module to go to if you're looking for a specific illness or if you just want to watch them all from start to finish! 

We will discuss cancer, blood pressure, autoimmune disease, diabetes, herbs, foods, and MUCH MORE! You will have access to this forever at no additional cost & no subscription cost! There will be new videos & modules uploaded to it weekly and monthly which you will have access to them ALL!

This course will take you from BEGINNER to EXPERT on HEALTH & 10+ STREAMS of INCOME

Course Curriculum

What's Included In The Course

➢ 29.99 per month
➢ All the content from my $500 Holistic Course included
➢ New videos weekly instead of Monthly
➢ Weekly Exclusive Members Q&A
➢ Exclusive Video Responses Directly to Members


➢ Personal & Business Credit Course
➢ Get Access to All of My Connects (Website Designer, Virtual Assistant, Ebook Designer, Mentors & More)
➢ Expert Stock Advice & Modules
➢ Crypto Course
➢ Air BNB Course
➢ Turo Course
➢ Credit Repair Course
➢ Next Level Marketing Course
➢ Social Media Growth Course

Special Guest Teachers Including Some of My Mentors

➢ Monthly Exclusive Discounts on Herbs & Ebooks

This Is Essentially Group 1 On 1 Mentorship With Me

About This Course

  • $29.99 / month
  • 300+ lessons
  • 20+ hours of video content

Holistic Health & Finance Course

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