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Twalk’s Holistic Health & Finance University

Fed Up With The Burden Of Bad Health & Struggling Financially?

Discover How to Live a Full Life Without Worrying About Tomorrow.

Fed Up With The Burden Of Bad 
Health & Struggling Financially?

Discover How to Live a Full Life Without Worrying About Tomorrow.

+ Ultimate Alkaline DETOX & Reset Bundle FREE
+ $1,000 WORTH OF MY Financial & Health EBOOKS Included FREE
+ Group Mentorship/ask me questions 24/7 in Private Group with Quick Response

Holistic Health & Finance Course

This course will take you from beginner to expert when it comes to SELF HEALING! This includes courses & DETAILED PROTOCOLS for Every Illness. Videos are sectioned off into many modules so you will know exactly which module to go to if you're looking for a specific illness or if you just want to watch them all from start to finish! It Also Includes 10+ Course teaching you HOW TO MAKE MONEY so you can QUIT YOUR JOB and Invest Properly!

Course Curriculum

What's Included In The Course

➢ 29.99 per month NO CONTRACT
➢ All the content from my $500 Holistic Course included
➢ Over $1000 worth of my Ebooks are included for Free
➢ 30-day Detox & Reset Ultimate Detox Ebook & Alkaline Weight again Ebook
➢ Over 30+ Hours worth of Videos/Courses
➢ New videos Monthly
➢ Weekly Exclusive Live Workout Classes & Yoga Classes on Zoom
➢ 24/7 Q&A with your questions answered by me or my Group Specificalist with QUICK Responses to MAKE SURE your not stuck or confused on your journey
➢ Personal & Business Credit Course
➢ Get Access to All of My Connects (Website Designer, Virtual Assistant, Ebook Designer, Mentors & More)
➢ Expert Stock Advice & Modules
➢ Crypto Course
➢ Air BNB Course
➢ Turo Course
➢ Detailed Credit Repair Course
➢ Next Level Marketing Course
➢ Social Media Growth Course

Special Guest Teachers Including Some of My Mentors

This Is Essentially Group 1 On 1 Mentorship With Me

About This Course

  • $29.99 / month NO CONTRACT
  • 300+ lessons
  • 30+ hours of video content



Meet Your Instructor

WORLDWIDE ONLINE TRAINER Certified Personal Trainer (NCSF) (ACE) Nutritionist Specialist and more. 10+ Years of Nutrition Experience and Personal Training. THOUSANDS of Client testimonials. BRAND NEW CLIENT TESTIMONIALS POSTED DAILY to my INSTAGRAM STORIES for OVER 2 years STRAIGHT!

I also have built my online business to a $100,000 per month company. During the last few years I have also made 100's of thousands via stocks, crypto, day trading, swing trading, while also having residual income such as many Air BNB properties, turo, buying land and other long term investment. Not only have I helped many heal but also helping many people including mentees grow their businesses to well over $50,000 per month and helping thousands fix their credit using my courses. See Testimonials at the bottom of this page!

This course will take you from BEGINNER to EXPERT on HEALTH & 10+ STREAMS of INCOME

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